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The benefits of SlimWave

Inch loss without effort Ski, gives tone and firm muscles and skin
Built muscles
Reduces the appearance of cellulite
Helps circulation and blood oxygenation
Increases the metabolism
Help detoxification
Increases the performance, energy levels
Inforced the body, reduces back pain and improves posture.

For best results that last, we recommend a full series of 10 treatments
minimum (2 to 3 times a week)

You can lose up to 3.5 cm in one session, including strengthening. No surgery, no scar, no pain, no effort.

Facilitates weight loss, reduces cellulite, re-sculpt the body with fitness coach. To eliminate the fat around the knees, thigh, love handles and much more. Guaranteed Results!









The works SlimWave basis of the principle of ESM (electronic muscle stimulation). The ESM exercise causes a natural, safe and effortless to slim, tone and strengthen muscles. Treatment also stimulates the metabolism of fat and tone help give a healthy body appearance, firm and defined! Using the SlimWave we can focus and work specific areas of the body (while working several parts at the same time) to get the results you want! The electric current stimulation increases blood circulation, improves texture and tone of the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite.





ESM machines are used for a long time. Initially, the machines have been designed for NASA for use by astronauts. Subsequently, the European Olympic teams using ESM machines to enhance the performance of their athletes. Athletes, bodybuilders and others in the field of beauty and health have recognized the benefits and the ability to strengthen muscles for a cut and ferm body.

For best results that last, we recommend a full series of 10 treatments (2 to 3 times week) SlimWave treatments can be used alone or in combination with a training program.






Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the treatment really work?
A: A single test will show you that SlimWave works! You will feel your muscles working prendant session and get visible results.

Q: How many inches will I lose?
A: After 10 treatment sessions abdominal weight remains stable. According to their diet and lifestyle, some people may lose 1.25 cm to 5 cm (2 ½ Po Po) around the abdomen, chest and waist. Thus, after 20 sessions, it is possible to reduce the size of two pants.

Q: How does it feel?
A: You will never experience pain. The electrical muscle stimulation is a noninvasive treatment that has a relaxing effect for some. You will feel a tingling sensation at the beginning of treatment. It is a feeling similar to that experienced during a séancede muscle rehabilitation to a physiotherapist. Then you feel the targeted muscles to contract.

Q: How often should I be treated?
A: Three sessions per week for each area is the ideal frequency. For best results, you must take a minimum of two sessions a week.

Q: How do I target areas for sessions?
A: A person can work two areas in one visit. Depending on the purpose of it, the technician or the technician may suggest to focus on one of zoneafin best results for this area probléatique.

Q: How long will the effects last?
A: If you enable your muscles during a workout classic, unless you are a trained athlete, you will work 50% to 60% of your muscle fibers. With SlimWave, 100% activate your muscle fibers of the target area: the effects will be considerably more durable than active exercises. If your weight is stable, the effects will last six to eight months. If you adopt more healthy eating and doing physical exercises regularly, the results can last indefinitely.

Q: Are
SlimWave muscular electrostimulation treatments safe?
A: There are no known adverse effects.

Q: I try them muscle pain if I receive treatment after a vigorous training session?
A: The treatment does not require SlimWave glucose necessary for active exercises. This is a great advantage because the body burns fat and without reducing the rate of glucose. This prevents the formation of lactic acid, which usually causes the pain after an intense workout.

Q: Do I have to do something after the treatment session?
A: To facilitate the process of lymphatic drainage, which is stimulated by muscle contraction and relaxation, it is recommended to drink a glass of water before the session, and after several drink to help your body get rid toxins.

Q: I just had a baby. Can SlimWave help me get in shape?
A: There is no easy or quick to get in shape after childbirth, when the abdominal muscles have been stretched. You can start treatment six weeks after a vaginal birth and six months after a caesarean section. (Results will vary among women who have had a lot of stretch marks and trademarks)

Q: I am older than 50 years and my muscle tone is low. Is SlimWave can help me?
A: Yes! Age is not a problem. In addition, when there is room for improvement, the results seem even more remarkable Furthermore, if you combine your regular treatment exercises and a good diet, your muscle tone and increase your waistline decrease rapidly. In fact, people older than 70 years have tested the benefits of treatments SlimWave.

Q: Can SlimWave help me get in shape?
A: Both men and women love to be in shape. Men often use SlimWave to melt their abdomen and thus dramatically improve their physical appearance. SlimWave treatment sessions are a substitute or a complement pleasant and safe traditional exercises and sports.

Q: Can SlimWave help me lose weight?
A: It is well known that muscle burns more daily calories than fat. If you increase your muscle mass, increase amount of calories burned, and if your eating habits do not change, your weight loss will be proportional. If, for cons, you embark on a diet at the same time as your treatment plan SlimWave you lose weight. If you add regular exercise (30 minutes of brisk walking each day) the results are even more spectacular.

Q: If I am in a SlimWave program, can I drop the gym?
A: No, you will not want to stop your workout. In fact, you can not get SlimWave cardiovascular training that your body needs. In addition, once your muscles stimulated with SlimWave, your fitness sessions will be more enjoyable!